Premier Burt, Minister Caines and BDA’s Sean Moran at the WEF in Davos

Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines, and Head of Business Development at the Bermuda Business Development Agency Sean Moran at Hub Culture spoke with Hub Culture while attending a conference in Switzerland.

The Premier, Minister and Mr Moran are currently in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, where the 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is taking place; with the Forum attracting global and regional leaders, international organisations, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs from more than 100 countries.

Speaking with Hub Culture, Premier Burt said, “We’re a new administration. We’ve only been in office for six months, but as the youngest leader in my country’s history and having a technology background, I’ve set out an agenda to make sure that we can have economic growth and an increase in jobs through a future in technology.

“We’ve set some very aggressive targets. We’re moving in to making sure that people know that Bermuda is an option to take advantage of our excellent regulatory reputation, to transfer those to new industries, and what better place to go than to the World Economic Forum in Davos to raise the visibility of Bermuda, so people can learn more about what it is that we’re looking to do and how that we can create additional economic growth, which will provide more jobs to people at home.

Minister Wayne Caines said, “Part of my portfolio is eCommerce and ICT policy and innovation. Being here at Davos, we have been able to meet with innovators in the blockchain and in the cryptocurrency sphere.

“We believe that this is an emergent area in business and Bermuda wants to take advantage of that and bring those opportunities and those companies to Bermuda, to set up their companies in Bermuda.

“We are making sure that the legal and regulatory framework are there and we’ve basically said to the world, come and look at Bermuda if you have a crypto or a business in that space, blockchain business, look at setting it up in Bermuda.

When asked what makes Bermuda special, Mr. Moran said, “The Premier touched on it as well already, the reputation of Bermuda for being a clean and sophisticated jurisdiction for international business.

“Not just insurance, but also, asset management and funds, trusts, and private client businesses are all thriving in Bermuda. So, really what we want to do is add another pillar to what is already a very strong offering.

“Getting this message out here to a potentially new audience, is why we’re all here, but the message is very clear, that Bermuda is different from a lot of other offshore jurisdictions, primarily for the reasons that we’ve talked about.”

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