Oyster Consulting hosts Fintech Business Unit lunch and learn on Fintech compliance

The Fintech Business Unit hosted 4 different lunch and learn sessions in the month of March covering fintech compliance, each with a packed room.

Quotes from Oyster:

“To fulfill their obligations, a Compliance Officer needs to be knowledgeable, competent and empowered to do the job. It is vital that the Compliance Officer be a leader within your firm. Compliance programs are designed to protect a firm and its clients and should be customized to meet the needs of the business. The only way to do that is for your Compliance Officer to be consistently engaged with your other business leaders – listening to goals, ideas and concerns and evaluating how to implement them. It’s the compliance professional’s responsibility to be the voice of reason and apply good judgment.  Bermuda’s increasing emphasis on compliance will need the support of the local business community.

Oyster Consulting Bermuda was excited about being a part of the training team for the Fintech Business Development Unit educational initiative.  Our team takes this responsibility very seriously, and we’re humbled by the dedication for this initiative.  “

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