Discussion about Fintech has garnered significant media and public interest in recent years and Bermuda’s formal entrée into the world of disruptive technology in 2017 has likewise been part of the local and international conversation about emerging financial technologies.

Oyster Consulting hosts Fintech Business Unit lunch and learn on Fintech compliance
The Fintech Business Unit hosted 4 different lunch and learn sessions in the month of...
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Bermuda announces partnership with Signature Bank for FinTech Banking Services
As a result of confidence in Bermuda’s high regulatory standards, the Government is pleased to...
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Premier Burt interviewed in Davos in the ConsenSys Ethereal Lounge
Premier Burt participating in a fireside chat with Priya Patel in Davos at the ConsenSys...
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FinTech Business Unit presents to Bermuda Public Service Union
Today the FinTech Business Unit presented to the Bermuda Public Service Union as part of...
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Responsibility for FinTech shifted from Ministry of National Security to the Office of the Premier
As part of a recently announced reallocation of departments within the Bermuda government, responsibility for...
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Bermuda Premier Sets Out the Bermuda Standard at OECD Blockchain Policy Forum
Premier Burt Sets Out the 'Bermuda Standard' for Fintech at the OECD Summit in Paris...
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