Denis Pitcher appointed to Fintech Business Unit

Denis Pitcher appointed to the Fintech Business Unit

Premier David Burt gave a press conference announcing Denis Pitcher’s appointment to the Fintech Business Unit.

“As you are aware, Bermuda continues to make strides in the Fintech space, both locally and globally. Fintech is transforming the way we do business and has sparked the creation of innovative new technologies that deliver financial services in ways never before imagined.”

“To date, 55 companies have been incorporated in Bermuda, some of which have already started hiring Bermudians. As of January 9, 2019, the Business Development Agency was in discussions with more than two dozen strong prospects for incorporation during 2019 – which means that the pipeline for new company formation is strong.”

“Without a doubt, Bermuda has carved out a pioneering and leadership position in this area. This kind of momentum and activity requires the right resources and support.”

“In October, the Government announced the creation of the Fintech Business Unit [FBU] to manage and oversee Bermuda’s rapidly expanding fintech initiatives.”

“And today, I am delighted to announce a new addition to the Fintech Business Unit. Mr. Denis Pitcher has been recently appointed as a Fintech Technical Consultant.”

“Mr. Pitcher will work within the Fintech Business Unit, providing high-level technical assistance and advice as it relates to the continued development of Bermuda’s Fintech sector.”

“Denis is no stranger to this industry and is eminently qualified to assist the Government in our continuing efforts to expand and evolve our Fintech sector.”

“Mr. Pitcher’s vision, of Bermuda being a technology centre, aligns with our overall fintech strategy and he has fit seamlessly into our team.”

“As a bit of background, Denis Pitcher is the Tech Co-founder and Chief Architect of, a Tourism Technology solutions provider servicing companies in the North American and Caribbean regions.”

“Before becoming a tech entrepreneur, Mr. Pitcher worked as a Trading Systems Developer for Orbis Investment Management and had primary responsibility for the currency trading and hedging recommendation systems.”

“Denis has extensive knowledge of Fintech related technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledger, and cryptocurrencies and has been a local advocate on this subject for a number of years.”

“Mr. Pitcher is a member of the Bermuda Business Development Agency’s Fintech working group and conducted training sessions on blockchain for the Technology leadership forum.”

“He’s served as an advisor to various on island bodies on Fintech and its potential for Bermuda’s future, including the Fiscal Responsibility Panel.”

“Mr. Pitcher holds a Bachelors of Engineering Science in Software Engineering from the University of Western Ontario.”

“On behalf of the Government, I am pleased to welcome you to our team officially.”

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